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19th and 21st January 2018

Winner of the Berliner Competition

Sergey Sobolev

Friday, January 19th and Sunday, 21st

Winner of Berliner International Music Competition, 2017

and prize winner of the Tchaikovsky and Queen Elizabeth Competitions, among others

, 19th January, 6pm
Romantic Variations
Haydn: Andante with Variations in F minor

Sunday, 21st January, 5pm
Six sonatas of Alexander Scriabin
Numbers 2, 6 and 10 and  4, 9 and 5, in that order

Reservations: 1,200 baht for one concert. 2,000 baht for two in the same series.

Email asiachart@hotmail.com or call 038 069681 office hours. Due to limited number of places payment must be received before the day.

Tickets: No tickets will be issued for concerts. Admission to the music room on the day of the concert will be in accordance with the sequence of receipt of payment (ie, who pays first goes in first and can select their desired seat).

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28th January

Pattaya Classical Music donated 20,000 baht to Kate's Project, which helps needy children in Pattaya buy school uniforms.

Pattaya Classical Music donates 25,000 baht to the Hand to Hand Foundation
with proceeds from the recent Thailand Philharmonic Concert